I am a huge fan of the Yogscast: Shadow of Israphel series, because Xephos and Honeydew get to meet a notorius pirate name Jock Fireblast. I Love Jock as a favorite character. I actually thought of Jock's past, before and after he joined Israphel.

                                                                 Jock Fireblast

                                                                    By: Bebop

     There was a day at the seas, there was a Captian name Jock Fireblast, who crossed the seas of  Minecraftia. But Jock has lost his crew and got arrested by the Skylords. After the Skylords took Jock to Mistral City, he was in a cell for all eternity. After ten years of no food and water, Jock is slowly dying (his breathing is getting faster and rarely slower and his hunger and thirst is increasing badly. Then one night, a man with a pale face came and ask "Do you want revenge against the Skylords and Mistral Citizens?" But Jock cannot answer, because his mouth was totally dry and he cannot get up, because is starving to death. So, the pale faced man left and returned and gave the *Once Notorius pirate of BBQ Bay* food, water and an ability to prevent his cloths and skin to burn from the fire that Jock love the most and use. After Jock ate the food and drank his water, the pale face man ask agian "Do you want revenge against the Skylords and Mistral Citizens?" As Jock looked up at the pale faced man, he knew that face from anywhere. Then Jock gave the man his answer "Yes Israphel!" Israphel was surprised to here his name from the headmaster of BBQ Bay, so he gave Jock a task to create a sign and frame Lysander for burning Mistral City. But when Jock did that, a Skylord in blue came in his house and noticing his bed is gone. As the pirate came out of the undeground, which he created, the Skylord is mad and seathed his sword to duel this pirate. But before the Skylord took the stike on Jock, Israphel came and knock the Skylord with the dull part of the bow and told Jock to kidnap Granny_Bacon and burn Mistral City down!

                                                                 The End

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