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Martyn Littlewood is the seventh member of the Yogscast.


Martyn has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a green T-shirt, blue jeans, and green sneakers. He also wears a green headband, in which he is best known for.

He wears jeans and sneakers during the fall, winter, and spring months, and he wears shorts/capris and sandals during the summer months.


Martyn is known to be cheerful, friendly, energetic, and loyal. As a Nature Ninja, he is the speed fighter of the team.

Because of his ninja personality, Martyn is often calm and collected, especially whenever he faces a tough challenge. Whenever an enemy approaches, while the other teammates immediately draw out their weapons, Martyn keeps his cool before and while he attacks. 

Likes & DislikesEdit


  • Nature
  • Martial Arts
  • Training for battles
  • Self-confidence
  • Being a ninja
  • The Elemental Ninjas


  • The Shadow Ninjas
  • Toby's antics
  • Being told that he can't be a ninja


Martyn puts on his headband and shouts "Martyn Littlewood, Nature Ninja! GO!"


  • Bo Staff (commonly used weapon)
  • Ninja Sword (Katana) (Only used when necessary) 


  • Punch/Kick
  • Jump Kick
  • Gut Buster
  • Dash Attack
  • Ninja Beam
  • Uppercut
  • Leaf Drop (Special Signature Attack)


  • "Ehehehe, um, excuse me?"
  • "The one and only. Why? You've heard of me?"
  • "Oh, I could do that in just ten seconds flat!"
  • "Didn't you forget? I'm a Nature Ninja!" 
  • "You've got to be kidding me!"
  • "Wait a minute! Hold the phone! I'm a ninja, too, you know!" 
  • "Neato!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "Does this feel okay?"
  • "And just what are the YOG Elements? And how did you know about the Nightmare Master, huh? Are you a spy?!"
  • "TOBY!"
  • "Nah!"
  • "Where did you get all this stuff?"
  • "Awwhhh, no fair…"
  • "No way! A ninja would never do THAT!"
  • "Come on, you moron! You call yourself a real ninja?"
  • "Aaaaarrrrggghhh…"
  • "Guess I gotta skip this one."
  • "Go, Toby, go! Ninjas go through great distances and attack many obstacles in their way!"
  • "Doesn't look too bad, but it needs a lot of work."
  • "If you excuse me, I need to go kick her out."
  • "Danger's my middle name. Martyn "Danger" Littlewood."
  • "C'mon bro, taking pain is easy. You just have to imagine that every bruise is a hickey from the universe. And everyone wants to get with the universe."
  • "No disrespect, ma'am, but there's a big difference between pushing yourself as hard as you can, and just being reckless."
  • "Okay, seriously, why does EVERYBODY grab me by the leg?"
  • "I can't think of a better way to relax. Warm sun, green grass, peace and quiet."
  • "That's not important. It was just a joke!"
  • "What would he do without us? Huh. Lemme think."
  • "Yeah, well—just don't let it happen again, okay?"
  • "Hehe! Are you kidding?"
  • "So how'd I do this time?"
  • "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is she for real?"
  • "Oh, you're good."
  • "Duh! Because I'm a ninja!"
  • "Fifteen seconds flat, huh?"
  • "Hey, you can learn a lot in an hour!"
  • "Peace, love, Earth!"
  • "Okay, got my bo staff, got my headband, got my wits! Let's do this!"
  • "HI-YA!"


  • He is similar to the title character of the anime and manga series Naruto, as both have blonde hair and blue eyes, both wear headbands with symbols on them, and are ninjas.
  • He likes making acoustic covers of songs. 
  • He is the lead singer and acoustic guitarist for the band The Dream Brothers.
  • As one of the Elemental Ninjas, he is an Earth-type ninja.
  • Martyn is the only member of the Yogscast who uses his mind and body to attack rather than weapons.


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